Former female deputy sheriff argues wrongful termination

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Being unjustly terminated from a position is a slap to the face for any employee, particularly if it is due to discrimination. A former female deputy sheriff is seeking compensation for her wrongful termination. She is claiming she was discriminated against because of her gender, and that this is the reason why she was wrongfully terminated.

Wrongful termination can happen to anyone. This case happened in Pennsylvania, but can easily happen in Indiana and throughout the nation. Unjust termination of employment is often due to situations like false claims of criminal charges against the employee or simply, as alleged in this case, for reasons of blatant discrimination. Sadly, these forms of discrimination still occur in the workplace.

The female deputy claims to have been told numerous times that the day-to-day duties she performed were done incorrectly, even though she likened her performance to that of the male deputies. The one-time deputy sheriff described a hostile work environment, all based on the fact that she was a woman. She said that for two weeks the male deputies would not verbally acknowledge her. You can imagine, if you were a police officer, this would be a disastrous state of affairs.

Without question, the workplace should be safe for any employee, and one should not feel discriminated against due to gender, race or any other factor.

In addition to the other problems it can cause for a victim, wrongful termination can lead to economic hardship for an employee and his or her family. In a difficult economy, it can be even more damaging than ever. If you feel your termination was unjust, you may be able to get compensation for loss of wages and punitive damages. In some cases, you may even be able to get your job back. Filing a lawsuit is the first step to achieving this. Employers that discriminate in any way should, and can, be held responsible for their actions.

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