Age discrimination complaint filed against school district

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There is no place in today’s world for age discrimination. Every applicant and employee should be treated the same way, regardless of how old or young they may be.

Unfortunately, mistakes are made from time to time. Our Indiana readers will want to pay close attention to this story out of Pennsylvania, which details an age discrimination complaint against the Valley View School District.

A 40-year-old woman has filed the complaint on the basis that she applied for three jobs last year, each time being passed over in favor of a less qualified, younger candidate.

According to the complaint filed with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, she applied for open teaching positions on July 22, Aug. 14, and Aug. 28. The woman filed a complaint against the school district after being passed over for a second time; however, it went ignored.

Over the course of three years, the woman was a substitute teacher in the district. In addition to a teaching certification, she has a master’s degree in education. Along with this, she previously held a tenured position with another school district before taking time off to raise her children.

In her complaint, she claims the district changed its hiring policy leading up to July 22 and that the school had complete control over the hiring process. She is requesting that the district hire her as a teacher, while also paying her back wages dating back to one of her interview dates.

It is hard to say how this case will play out, but both parties will find themselves answering a lot of questions. In the event of filing an age discrimination complaint, hiring an employment law attorney arms you with the best chance for a favorable outcome.

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