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February 2015 Archives

Survey shows 1 in 3 women experiences sexual harassment

While it may not be shocking to most people in Indiana, a recent survey demonstrated that one out of every three women between the ages of 18 and 34 report they have been sexually harassed at work. In the study, 2,235 women in both full- and part-time jobs were surveyed by Cosmopolitan, revealing that a third had experienced sexual harassment at work at least once.

Identifying religious discrimination in Indiana

Those who are passed up for a job or for advancement at work due to their religion may have been the victim of religious discrimination. Such discrimination may take place even if an individual does not belong to a major religion such as Christianity or Judaism. The only requirement is that the beliefs of an employee or job applicant are sincere and closely held.

Wages for time not worked

Indiana employees may be familiar with work-related issues such as breaks, but they may be less familiar with special cases in which pay may be required for time that does not involve actual work. Some specific situations may be covered by federal law, ensuring that employees are compensated for time that is controlled by an employer even if work is not involved.

Which documents does your attorney need to see?

Losing your job is never a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, in an employment-at-will state like Indiana, this is something that can happen all too easily. In general, your employer can dismiss you for any reason and at any time. However, there are a few exceptions and it is important to be aware of these to ensure that your rights have not been breached.

Understanding more about sexual harassment

Employees in Indiana might benefit from understanding more about some of the facts that are often at the core of many sexual harassment incidents in America. When an internal investigation of the allegations is inadequate, employees are afforded the right to pursue alternative resolutions. If the employer's response to the claim is substandard, legal counsel may be able to outperform the staff at the human resources department. Many times, the ultimate outcome of the claim might not be what the employee expects.

Do not allow your employer to dodge FMLA laws

For many workers in Indiana, it can be difficult to find a job that pays the bills. As such, once you are in such a job, it is understandable that you might want to hold on to it. However, any number of obstacles can arise, no matter how diligent and hard working you are. Sometimes other things in your life must take precedence. But how will you get by if that means not going to work?

Legal relief available for Indiana employees

A breach of contract occurs when a party to a contract fails to fulfill obligations set forth in the agreement. The breach may take various forms, and the adversely affected party may be entitled to legal relief. Under the law, a party may seek to recover damages resulting from the breach, specific performance of the contract, or cancellation of the contract and restitution by the breaching party.

Indiana to allow religious discrimination

Experiencing any form of discrimination or prejudice is distressing and difficult to deal with. This can be even more the case if it happens in your place of work. If you do your job well and fulfill all the requirements of your role, why should personal details such as your age, sexual orientation or national origin be relevant? Sadly, many employees experience a hostile work environment as a result of other people's narrow-mindedness.

ADA protections in Indiana

The Americans with Disabilities Act protects individuals who are considered to be disabled from being discriminated against by employers for reasons related to their disability. Anyone with a disability is protected by the act, but the ADA does not have a specific list of disabilities that people must have to be protected. Instead, it considers people to be disabled if they are physically or mentally impaired in such a way that limits a major life activity.

Tipped workers and the minimum wage in Indiana

Employers may not have to pay workers who receive tips the federal or state minimum wage. However, this only applies to workers who receive more than $30 a month in tips. In addition, the tipped workers must be given a wage equal to the minimum wage when their wages and tips are put together.

Restaurant allegedly discriminates against male employees

Indiana residents may be interested to hear that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is suing the restaurant chain Ruby Tuesday after two men alleged that they were victims of discrimination. The restaurant put out ads for temporary summer positions that were only available to women. Reportedly, the reason was that the position came with housing, and the restaurant did not want to arrange mixed-sex housing for its temporary employees.

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