Religious discrimination in the workplace should not be occurring in Indiana

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We don’t think about religion when it comes to claims of harassment or discrimination in an Indiana work place. However, with more diverse workplaces and individuals relocating in greater numbers, the number of different religious affiliations at any given workplace has dramatically increased. This may also be the reason why complaints of religious discrimination are second only to sexual harassment complaints in the workforce.

Employers will often excuse their own lack of tolerance by claiming they treat all employees equally. However, this excuse may be disingenuous in that reasonable accommodation for others faith or culture also requires compromise on the part of the employer – and not just the employee.

Different religions have different practices, holidays, dietary requirements and values. Unfortunately, such differences are not always treated with respect. Most companies have conducted their business in the same manner for years or even decades, and such places of business are often reluctant to change their employment practices to accommodate their individual workers.

The costs of religious discrimination at the workplace may be enormous for particular individuals. No employee should be required to make a choice between his deeply held religious faith and his job. There are a large number of resources available for workers that feel that they have been discriminated at the job place because of their religious beliefs. One of these resources is trained attorneys and staffs who have dealt with a variety of discriminatory practices at the work place.

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