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November 2011 Archives

Court revives employment discrimination lawsuit

The U.S. Court of the Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, which has appellate jurisdiction over Indiana and several other regions, has reversed the ruling of a lower court that decided against a woman accusing a prominent law firm of employment discrimination.

Return-to-work practices can also amount to discrimination

A matter was settled out of court concerning charges that return-to-work situations need to be treated in a non-discriminatory manner, and that the employer being sued failed to do this. The woman that filed the suit complained that she was discriminated based upon gender by her place of employment.

Indiana right-to-work law to be discussed by legislature

The Indiana legislature will soon be discussing the so called "right-to-work" laws. The debate concerning the law is bound to be contentious as labor unions oppose certain of its provisions. This would include the provision that would exempt non-union workers from having to pay "fair share" fees to the union at places of employment. One state senator referred to this as "a big stick to bust unions."

Record set for employment discrimination claims in 2011

The amount of awards provided by the EEOC this past year was the highest on record. It was also reported that monetary benefits for workplace discrimination awarded in 2011 was $360.6 million, and this was the highest in history. This was an increase of more than $40 million from 2010.

Indiana university policy to protect employees reporting concerns

A community in Indiana has recently administered a policy of zero tolerance concerning sexual abuse on campuses. This was brought on in part because of the mishandling of similar accusations at Penn State University. The aim of the policies is to protect victims from criminal activity on campus and to attempt to get outside agencies involved should report of abuse happen to be raised. It is also to protect those employees reporting their concerns.

New federal legislation may address workplace discrimination concerns

Workplace discrimination is so prevalent that a lobbying organization's goal is now to push for passage of the "Employment Non-Discrimination Act." This organization is being headed up by former lead counsel for the U.S. House Education & Labor Committee. Should such legislation be passed along with any complimentary executive order, it could bring a legal remedy to citizens of Indiana that have faced workplace discrimination.

Indianapolis contractor fails to pay required wages

An Indianapolis contractor recently pled guilty to violating a contract for not paying required wage rates on public works' projects. It was reported that the company owned by the contractor incorrectly reported the skill levels of certain subcontractors (resulting in these workers being paid lower wages) and misrepresented wage information on required forms. It was estimated that the amount of unpaid wages exceeded $50,000.

In Indiana schools, bullying can amount to harassment

A recent published work of a Fort Wayne, Indiana author describes in detail the bullying and harassment that some students in our public schools face on a daily basis. The reasons behind the behavior of other students could seem trivial. In the author's particular circumstance, she was physically and emotionally abused because of her red hair.

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