School superintendant involved in multi-million dollar lawsuit

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A former school superintendent just east of Indianapolis is intertwined in a public employment dispute involving a number of claims and counterclaims. The superintendant has been accused of defrauding the school district of millions of dollars in salary and compensation.

The superintendant alleges that the school board demanded his resignation without legal basis. He also alleges that he was demanded to pay back much of his compensation that he earned for performing job-related services. Finally, he demands he receive unpaid salary, severance pay and attorneys fees.

If the settlement of employment disputes was easy we would not need courts to litigate matters such as this. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to determine who is right and who is wrong in such matters until all of the evidence is revealed.

This is not a dispute where the opposing parties are even remotely close to resolving their differences. Each party alleges that the other side owes them well over a million dollars in compensation. The allegations, defenses raised, claims and counter claims in this lawsuit are obviously complex in nature and would require the representation of an experienced employment attorney to ever make sense of it all.

Finding out exactly what did occur would in all likelihood require investigation, an accounting into the finances conducted, an examination of contract language, the testimony of many witnesses, and an understanding of the precise job duties performed. The litigation process is likely to be lengthy, will involve the analysis of a number of legal issues, and could involve a number of appeals.

Source:, “Ex-Wayne Township Schools chief files counterclaim in dispute,” by William Booher, Jan. 26, 2012


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