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March 2012 Archives

Wage and hour disputes on the rise

The number of wage and hour law disputes has been increasing in Indiana and across the nation. There has been a 325 percent increase in wage and hour lawsuits filed during the last decade in the federal courts. The number of such disputes has exceeded all other employment type cases combined.

Coca-Cola sued for racial discrimination

Coca-Cola Company, that does business throughout Indiana and across the world, is being sued for race discrimination. The lawsuit has been brought on behalf of 16 current and former employees that are black or Hispanic and who claim that a culture of racism pervades throughout the company.

Public employees and the right to free speech

Two Indiana employees are suing the city and the mayor of the city for which they were employed over what they refer to as a retaliatory dischargefrom their employment after 2011. These two employees suggest that the discharge was unconstitutional because the two employees were fired for expressing political opposition to certain positions held by the mayor.

Indiana employee brings whistleblower suit against district

In an Indiana whistleblower lawsuit, a former city employee alleges that she was fired after testifying against her direct supervisor in court. The former employee alleges she was ordered by her supervisor on numerous occasions to perform illegal acts concerning the diverting of wastewater, and she reported that her supervisor would then yell at her whenever she refused to perform such tasks.

Discrimination against pregnant workers continues

We recently wrote about the employment discrimination that pregnant women face. What the dispute actually represents is discrimination against Indiana caregivers that are both trying to raise their children and hold onto a job. Both pregnant women and caregivers face harassment, hostility on the job, job termination, and decreasing work hours.

Wage dispute at the Indiana Supreme Court

A wage and hour pay disparity dispute concerning hospital workers was taken all of the way to the Indiana Supreme Court. The dispute came down to payment of workers required to put in 40 hours per week as compared to workers that were required to work 37.5 hours. Such a disparity in wages had been going on for approximately 20-years.

Gender discrimination is bad for business

In order to do business with cities like Indianapolis, local municipalities are considering implementing ordinances that would prohibit sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination among city contractors and such provisions would also address harassment. A study has shown that such ordinances do not in any way burden business or government and would also protect millions of workers from facing inhospitable conditions at work.

Non-compete clauses and employment disputes

Many employment disputes do not come about until after an employee has left his job. These disputes often involve employment contracts and severance agreements. And there are moments when the employee in question provides an extremely important position that competing corporations become involved in the litigation.

Workplace discrimination and epilepsy

One often wonders what management of major corporations happened to be thinking when they are forced to litigate a lawsuit concerning workplace disability discrimination. Tyson Foods, one of the largest meat processors in the world and who sells its goods in Indiana, allegedly denied employment to individuals that were diagnosed with epilepsy. The company has now agreed to pay $35,000 and other additional relief to every applicant denied employment due to their epilepsy.

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