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April 2012 Archives

Indiana wage gap between women and men is large

Indiana has the 5th greatest disparity between the average wages of men and average wages of women. While the national gap between men and women's wages is 77 cents for every dollar, in Indiana the gap is 72 cents for every dollar.

Gender discrimination and 'at-will' employment

Indiana recently became the 21st of what is known as a "Right to Work" state. Though such states have prevented non-union members from having to pay fees for representation in union shops, it has been found that there are other confusing or not well understood aspects that come along with this designation.

Whirlpool and the closure of their Indiana facility

Whirlpool Corp. recently closed a refrigerator factory in Indiana while paying their top executives more than $75 million in salary and bonuses. Instead of manufacturing refrigerators in the United States, Whirlpool alleges that the layoffs are the result of competitors importing refrigerators from South Korea and Mexico. However, the U.S. International Trade Commission has ruled that such imports did not cause any material injury to Whirlpool's ability to market its products in the United States.

Challenging "boys will be boys" in the workplace

With all of the sexual harassment scandals among politicians and celebrities, including Herman Cain and David Letterman, it is no longer surprising that we have come to accept some of the bad behavior as the age-old "boys will be boys" mentality.While most Americans agree that sexual harassment is serious matter, there is nothing surprising the media uncovering a new incident. A new commentary suggests that the association of powerful men with sexual harassment cases makes it seem acceptable, or at least something to be swept under the rug. Herman Cain actually gained support and an increase in ratings after the exposure of his affairs.

Coach and teacher fired for out-of-wedlock child

Types of employment discrimination are constantly being challenged in state and federal courts in Indiana and across the nation. One particular case is making the news concerning the firing of a volleyball coach and science teacher at a Christian Academy for delivering a child out of wedlock.

Employee or independent contractor?

Determining whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor was the center of a lawsuit held in Indiana. What was alleged in the lawsuit was that drivers performing identical duties for FedEx were treated differently. Some drivers were able to obtain the employment rights of full time employees while others were denied benefits on the grounds that they were deemed independent contractors.

New EEOC rule concerning age discrimination

An important work related rule has just been approved by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) concerning age discrimination. The final rule to soon be published in the Federal Register prohibits any policy that would harm older workers more than younger workers unless such an action is based upon some reasonable factor other than age.

On-the-job harassment in Indiana on the rise

Harassment on the job can come in many forms and can involve race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age or disability. It appears to be a growing problem in Indiana, but the Indiana Civil Rights Department states it can only step in to try to resolve the problem if it involves one of these categories.

Employees fired for the color of their clothing

Some workers in a law office were fired for wearing orange clothing and have now filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against their employer. Apparently it was not one of those offices that tolerated any behavior deemed disrespectful. Employees were not allowed to talk across their cubicles even if the discussions were work-related and couldn't go to the break room to get coffee during working hours.

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