Harassment and retaliation suit pending against former UConn coach

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As many Indiana residents know, unlawful harassment in the workplace can be based upon your age, race, national origin, religion or sex. Unfortunately, such workplace harassment occurs all too often.

In recent news, a security director for the National Basketball Association has claimed that Geno Auriemma, the coach of the United States Olympic women’s basketball team, attempted to kiss her by force at a hotel during a tournament in Russia. The incident dates back to 2009.

In response to the action, the security director says that she pushed the coworker away. In this particular case, a lawsuit evolved because the victim feels that Auriemma retaliated against her by effectively demanding that the NBA remove her as the security official for the country’s women’s team at the next Olympics. Sexual harassment occurs when one rejects an unwelcome sexual advancement against one’s will, and such response affects the individual’s employment.

In the suit, the former employee names Auriemma, the N.B.A. and USA Basketball.

Auriemma is a star in women’s basketball. He coached University of Connecticut’s women’s team to seven national championships.

However, in addition to the sexual harassment matter, the victim claims that she was paid less money than male coworkers with similar titles and not as much experience. In her words, she has “slammed” hard against the league’s “glass ceiling.”

Ultimately, sexual harassment, sexual discrimination and wrongful termination in the workplace are against the law. Therefore, if the case reveals that any employment discrimination was occurring, the victim will be entitled to relief.

Source: The New York Times, “Suit Claims UConn Women’s Coach Retaliated After His Sexual Advance Was Rebuffed,” Michael Powell, June 11, 2012


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