Sexual harassment complaint filed against Showgirl employer

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In Indiana, you have a right to be free from harassment in the workplace. Unlawful harassment can be based upon your age, national origin, race, religion or sex. Sexual harassment, which is illegal, might include an employer caressing your shoulders, inappropriate comments by co-workers or conduct that creates an uncomfortable or hostile workplace.

If you have been following the news lately, you may have heard about the sexual harassment claim, which stems from Fort Wayne. According to reports, a worker from Showgirl One claims that the club’s owner sexually harassed her.

In a recent article, a family member made some comments about the matter. The source alleges that the owner of the business came into work one day in an inebriated state. Ultimately, the victim, who was a waitress at the establishment, claims that the employer grabbed her private parts, picked her up and threatened to take her home.

The family member explains, “It’s not really about compensation, she wants justice to be done.”

In this particular case, the victim says that the sexual harassment was verbal and physical. Therefore, a complaint was filed with the Indiana Civil Rights Commission in November of last year. After investigating the matter for several months, the commission released a probable cause statement. This means that there is enough evidence to suggest that there was harassment.

Currently, the parties are attempting to reach a settlement though mediation. If an agreement is not made, the case will probably progress to an administrative law judge.

It does not matter where a person works–no one should be harassed at work. This type of activity is against the law, and if you feel sexually victimized at your workplace, you may want to speak to a qualified legal specialist.

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