Worker wins large award in wrongful termination lawsuit

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There is no place in today’s world for employers who feel it is right to wrongfully terminate an employee. Unfortunately, this happens quite frequently in states throughout the country. Our Indiana readers will find this story interesting, despite the fact that it comes out of California.

A power line worker was awarded more than $1 million in a recent lawsuit after he was fired from his job in 2012 after making safety complaints. The man worked for the company for approximately eight years.

According to reports, the man and his crew were asked to replace an electrical pole in July 2011. His supervisor insisted that the repair could be made without shutting off the power, so the man, along with two others, did so. During the job, a mishap almost led to disaster when two high-voltage wires came dangerously close to touching. If that had happened, there would have been an explosion.

After the job was complete, the man learned that another crew turned down the job because they were worried about their safety. A month after the job, another crew worked on the line once again, however, they were given authority from supervisors to shut off the power.

After making a safety complaint and taking a month off for medical leave, the man was fired by his supervisor in September 2011. In June 2012, he decided to file a wrongful termination lawsuit against the employer.

This man was able to receive compensation for being wrongfully terminated. Employees who experience the same should be aware of all the legal options available to them. An experienced employment law attorney can help by providing guidance, as well as representation in a civil action.

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