Popular restaurant sued over alleged unpaid wages

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Anybody who works a job for which they are promised to be paid expects this to happen at the appropriate time. However, lawsuits filed for unpaid wages are common throughout the United States.

Many of our Indiana readers are familiar with the popular Dancing Wasabi restaurant in the Hyde Park area of Cincinnati, Ohio. According to a lawsuit filed last month, the restaurant “repeatedly and willfully” violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by paying employees less than minimum wage. Additionally, the lawsuit also claims that employees were not legally paid for time beyond 40 hours worked in a single week.

The lawsuit also alleges that the owner of the restaurant failed to implement an accurate record of employees and the wages they were earning.

Minimum wage laws were put into effect along with the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 as a way of preventing the decrease of wages for low earners.

Employees of the restaurant are demanding to be paid overtime compensation as well as unpaid minimum wages, along with other damages.

Restaurant officials have not responded for comment on the lawsuit that is headed up by U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez.

Companies throughout the United States, regardless of location, must adhere to the minimum wage laws set by their respective state. With the Fair Labor Standards Act in place, employees should be protected against such issues.

Employment law attorneys can help people who have been paid less than owed, not paid minimum wage, or are due money from their employer for another reason.

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