Hotel workers protest with unpaid-wage claim

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As an employee, you expect to be paid in full and on time. In the event that this does not happen, a lawsuit is often the end result.

Our Indiana readers will find this story out of Tennessee interesting, as most people are familiar with the Double Tree Hilton Hotel brand. The downtown Nashville Double Tree Hilton hotel was recently faced with approximately 100 protestors, claiming that the brand did not pay nine housekeepers for work they did during the fall months of 2013.

These housekeepers claim that they do not receive payment for cleaning guest rooms. According to the workers, the unpaid compensation totals roughly $13,000. As a result, the workers opened an upaid-wage claim with Worker Dignity, a local group that specializes in such cases.

The organization notes that the housekeepers worked for a subcontractor hired by the hotel chain. Despite expressing their feelings to the contract group, no resolution was brought forward.

The hotel’s general manager has responded to the claim in a statement to a local news station. He noted that his hotel upheld their end of the bargain, paying the company they contracted with.

This case goes a long way in showing what can happen if employees are not paid on time. Not only did the workers hire representation, but they also set up a protest, which brought light to the issue.

Anybody who is owed money by an employer should contact the HR department to discuss the issue. If this falls on deaf ears, consulting with an employment law attorney is often the next step.

Source: Fox 17, “DoubleTree Hilton Hotel Housekeepers Protest for Thousands of Dollars in Unpaid Wages” Mikayla Lewis, Feb. 01, 2014


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