Indiana University Health faces race discrimination charges

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Work is a vital part of our everyday lives, and many of us spend a large percentage of our time in the workplace. Due to the importance of our jobs and the amount of time we spend in work environments, it is important that all workers feel comfortable in their positions. Unfortunately, many people in Indiana experience employment discrimination each year. This can take the form of age, sex and race discrimination, among others.

At Indiana University Health, a former employee has filed a complaint regarding his dismissal, which he claims involved racial discrimination. The man, who happens to be white, engaged in a wrestling match with a Filipino co-worker during work hours, resulting in both men’s clothes being torn. After the incident, the Filipino co-worker was suspended for several days, while the white man was fired. IU Health claims the suspended man stopped wrestling while the fired man continued, though the Indian Civil Rights Commission says there is sufficient evidence to disagree with that assertion. The ICRC has consequently decided to move forward with charges against IU Health.

It is difficult to say whether IU Health fired the man because of his race or because of a perceived difference in the level of involvement between the two workers. However, this case illustrates the potential for discrimination in any environment.

If you or someone close to you has been the victim of employment discrimination, it is important to understand your rights and the course of action available to you. Indiana has its own laws in place that prohibit discrimination, and these laws affect the legal actions you can take against your employer in a specific circumstance. Learning about employment litigation and the legal aspects of your situation is the first step toward reaching a suitable resolution.

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