Woman files discrimination lawsuit after being terminated

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An former Indiana radio personality believes she was subject to discrimination. According to a recent filing in federal courts, the woman believes that her former employer terminated her because of her gender. She charged the station with wrongful termination in violation of federal laws on June 6.

In the lawsuit, she asks for lost wages, related benefits and other unspecified damages, including punitive sanctions. According to her claim, she worked with her male counterpart in 2012 and developed the concept for the a show. After it aired on a local station, the management terminated her. However, her male associate was not released from his contract despite his involvement in the development of the show. While both she and the man are African-American, she says he was treated better because he is a man.

She previously tried to resolve the matter by filing a discrimination charge with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission earlier this year. They dismissed the case, but they might not have been able to determine if there was cause for the suit. Once the EEOC dismisses a case, the plaintiff can then pursue a lawsuit. In their response to the lawsuit, the woman’s former employer, who is the only defendant named in the claim, accused her of fabricating the charges and claims she violated company policy. They explained the man was disciplined for his actions, but she refused to comply and was subsequently released from employment.

Federal laws prohibit discrimination against and the mistreatment and wrongful termination of employees based on factors unrelated to work performance. However, some employers violate these statutes, but an employment attorney might be able to fight for the rights of a worker if they have suffered on-the-job discrimination.

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