Indiana company allegedly discriminated against employees

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According to the Indiana Civil Rights Commission, there is probable cause to move forward with discrimination cases brought by two former employees of a Greenfield business. The former employees alleged that they were the subjects of race discrimination. The decision means that there is enough evidence to suggest that there was a violation of Indiana Civil Rights Law, and the case may proceed to either mediation or litigation.

The first plaintiff reportedly received multiple corrective actions at the nursing home for which she worked, including both verbal and written warnings for two separate issues, according to the findings. The plaintiff was terminated around Sept. 20, 2013, after having been suspended for being intimidating. The Indiana Civil Rights Commission discovered that a Caucasian Certified Nurse Assistant in similar circumstances received treatment that was more favorable.

The second plaintiff alleged that the company discriminated against her based on both a disability and her race. She was hired in late May 2013 and was reportedly subjected to harmful comments about her race and weight. While the commission decided that the evidence in her case was insufficient to support a claim of discrimination, it did find that she was treated differently than a Caucasian employee.

Employers are bound by state and federal laws to treat employees fairly and refrain from discrimination based on such things as race, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Employers that violate anti-discrimination laws may be subject to lawsuits and, in some cases, may pay compensation to employees who have been the subject of discrimination. A lawyer with a background in workplace discrimination lawsuits may review a plaintiff’s case to determine whether the evidence is substantial enough to support a lawsuit. The lawyer may then provide representation during proceedings.

Source: The Shelbyville News, “Indiana Civil Rights Commission finds discrimination practices against Greenfield business”, Paul Gable, July 22, 2014


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