What is considered good cause for dismissal?

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As many employees living in Indiana will know, working without an employment contract can be a risky business. However, even if you have a contract, there are several reasons that are considered good cause for dismissal. It is important to be aware of these to avoid putting yourself in a position that could cost you your job. As this article on wrongful termination explains, some examples that may be considered good reasons to dismiss someone include the following:

  • Excessive absence or lateness.
  • Criminal activities.
  • Endangering other employees.
  • Dishonesty or insubordination.
  • Poor performance or productivity.
  • Harassment or threats of violence.

Of course, even in light of those reasons, if an employer deals with you unfairly in the course of your dismissal, you may still have a wrongful termination case. For example, this could happen if he or she lies about your performance in order to dismiss you, or fires you to avoid paying you a bonus, benefit or commission. In such an instance, the court may find them to have been in breach of the good faith covenant.

Whatever the circumstances of your dismissal, if you feel you have been treated unfairly, you may benefit from the support of an attorney. Unfair and irresponsible employers must be challenged in order to prevent them mistreating future employees. Your attorney may be able to help you build your case and advise you on the options available to you. With the correct guidance, you may be able to regain your position or at least win the remuneration and fair treatment you deserve.


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