Wrongful discharges in Indiana

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Even though Indiana is an at-will employment state, certain types of situations are still considered wrongful when a person such as yourself has been fired from your job. You may have heard that employers may fire you at any time and for any reason, and while this may be generally true, they may not do so as a retaliatory action or for your exercising your statutory rights.

You may have suffered a workplace injury, and after filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, your employer may have reacted by firing you. You may have alternatively been asked to do some sort of illegal activity, and after you refused to do what was requested, you may have been let go.

Other situations that might be wrongful are if you reported your employers’ illegal activities to the appropriate authorities or if you were terminated based on your protected status or as a result of your filing a sexual harassment claim. Despite the state’s at-will laws, all of these situations may provide sufficient grounds for your seeking damages from your former employer for your termination from your job.

Our attorneys focus exclusively on wrongful discharge and other associated employment law matters. Because we limit ourselves to practicing solely in this area, we have garnered a significant amount of knowledge concerning how to approach these types of cases in a manner best designed to protect our clients’ rights. We routinely assist our clients with filing employment lawsuits, and we aggressively advocate on their behalf in order to aid them in recovering damages to compensate them for their losses. If you would like more information regarding your rights as an Indiana employee, you may find our wrongful discharge page to be of help.


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