Google sued for age discrimination

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Indiana residents might be interested to learn that Google is being sued for age discrimination. On April 22, a 64-year-old engineer who was denied a position at the company filed a lawsuit against the technology giant in a California federal court. The plaintiff in the lawsuit alleges that Google has engaged in a pattern of discriminating against older job candidates since August 2010.

According to court filings, the plaintiff in the age discrimination lawsuit was recruited by Google during a large hiring spree. Though the recruiter told the plaintiff that he was a great job candidate, the plaintiff did not end up being hired. The plaintiff claims that Google lost interest in hiring him after he sent in his resume, which detailed his 30 years of work experience and made his age easy to guess.

The plaintiff says that after his resume was sent to Google, a phone interview was arranged. The interview was shorter than expected and conducted by an interviewer whose English was barely fluent on a speakerphone that was not functioning properly. The next day, the plaintiff says that he was told Google was not interested in hiring him. According to the plaintiff, the way that the interview was set up did not allow him to communicate properly, and he believes that Google had no sincere interest in hiring him.

A person over the age of 40 who has gone through a similar experience while looking for employment may want to speak to a lawyer. A lawyer may be able to conduct an investigation in order to look for a pattern of age discrimination in a company’s hiring practices. If a company is found to have engaged in a practice prohibited by the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the company could be ordered to pay damages.

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