AT&T accused of violating Fair Labor Standards Act by workers

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Telecommunications leader AT&T is being accused of wage-and-hour violations by some of its employees. People in Indiana and across the country may be dismayed to hear how the company is allegedly treating its workers. Employees for the company in another state have filed a class-action lawsuit against the giant, alleging that they were not given overtime pay. The affected employees also believe that they were improperly classified, making them ineligible to receive overtime, and the company did not abide by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

According to the complaint, the training specialists were required to work long hours, which included nights and weekends. These workers are responsible for delivering training programs for the company. One of the plaintiffs stated that he works hard at his job and takes pride in it, so he deserves to be paid a fair wage.

This class-action lawsuit will encompass the training specialists, as well as delivery instructors, who worked for the company anywhere in the country in the last three years — or in the last four years in California. The plaintiffs and their representatives have a website that will allow any affected workers from around the country to participate in the action. Representatives for the plaintiffs stated that this lawsuit is trying to get fair wages for the training specialists who work so hard.

The lawsuit is accusing the company of violating the Fair Labor Standards Act and California labor laws. If the suit is successful, the claimants may be awarded the overtime pay that they believe to be owed. Additionally, the affected workers may also be reclassified to prevent these types of compensation problems from occurring going forward. Employees in Indiana who are in similar situations and believe they are not being paid properly can first consult their employers about their issues. If agreeable solutions are not reached, the workers may choose to move forward with claims against their employers.

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