Man claims age discrimination at airport

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Being mistreated simply because one is younger or older than other workers is an unlawful practice in Indiana and other states. One man in another state recently said he was the target of age discrimination at the airport for which he worked. He has thus filed a suit against the county.

The man said he was hired to be the airport maintenance department’s deputy director. He was then promoted to the director role about three years later. However, according to the lawsuit, one long-time county employee was named the interim director of the airport and ended up getting the permanent position, but she allegedly discriminated against workers older than 40.

The new maintenance deputy director, who is 62 years old, was given a negative evaluation even though he had just been promoted because of his stellar job performance. The man was reportedly fired for disagreeing with this job evaluation. The man claimed that he was really fired because of his opposition to the alleged age discrimination being practiced at the company.

Companies in Indiana are not allowed to fire or mistreat workers simply because of their ages. When age discrimination occurs, the employee who was discriminated against may choose to file a lawsuit against the allegedly perpetrating company. The specific facts about the claim need to be proved in order to prevail in such a discrimination case. A case that is fought successfully might result in remedies such as the reinstatement of a job along with monetary relief in light of the damages sustained.

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