Woman sues employer, alleging age and race discrimination

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It is unlawful for companies in Indiana to discriminate against certain workers on the basis of protected factors such as race or age. This, however, allegedly occurred in a recent out-of-state case. In this case, a radio reporter has sued her station’s parent company, claiming she was the victim of age and race discrimination.

The woman, who is black, reported that she began to work for a network in 2004. She said her salary had remained frozen since 2007, staying at $35,000. This was in spite of the fact that she had received industry awards and had exemplary performance.

The woman said she ended up being terminated after three or more other workers who were older than 50 years had also been fired. She said her replacement was a younger woman who was white. The white woman was hired into a part-time role in 2013 and rapidly moved up the ladder, getting the chance to be on the air. The white woman even reportedly earned a salary that surpassed that of the black woman. Attorneys for the media company, however, denied the allegations, although they did acknowledge that the black woman’s salary had remained the same for several years.

If a company commits illegal age or race discrimination against its workers, it may be held liable legally. The victim of the workplace discrimination has the right to explore all of his or her legal options, which may include filing a lawsuit against the company. A successful suit may lead to remedies such as monetary compensation for the emotional harm caused by the discriminatory actions in Indiana.

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