How can I stop the bully at my workplace?

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Almost every job has its stresses and challenges. But if you share your workspace with others who treat you fairly and are supportive of your efforts, it is much easier to get through the day. In fact, you may even enjoy going to work if you are in a positive environment. However, your place of employment could seem like a battleground if you are being subjected to bullying tactics on behalf of your supervisors or co-workers.

As amazing as it may seem, there have been no laws passed that deal with bullying in the workplace. But this does not mean that workplace bullies can always get away with acting like they are the rulers of a playground. Sometimes bullies engage in specific behaviors that are illegal. As such, if you are being unfairly targeted for abuse at work, you should carefully note the form the abuse takes.

For example, if the bully who is giving you grief is also making life unduly hard on others who are your same sex, race, national origin or religion, it may be possible to demonstrate that you and you co-workers are being subjected to illegal discrimination. And if things have escalated to the point that your bully has you believing that he or she may hit you, then that is assault. If the bully does strike you or even handles you in an offensive or aggressive manner, then he or she has committed battery. Both assault and battery are illegal.

You have the right to have a hostile-free work environment. If you feel threatened not only does your work suffer, but so too does your emotional well-being. So if you feel you are being bullied or harassed at work, you may want to express your concerns to an experienced employee rights attorney. An attorney can assess your case and offer you guidance on how to resolve your issues.


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