Jewelry company subject of serious sexual harassment allegations

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As a woman in the workplace, you know that you have to perform at a high level at your job every day. Despite so many advances in our society, women can still be subjected to unfair treatment while on the job. But there is a line that should not be crossed; women should never be subjected to sexual harassment. And if a woman is sexually harassed, she has the right to hold the assailant and even the company she works for accountable.

Recently, the details have emerged about a private class action filed in 2008 in which it is alleged that female employees of Sterling Jewelers faced routine incidents of sexual harassment. In total, the case included 69,000 former and current female Sterling employees.

According to accusations contained in the statements, managers would attempt to coerce female workers into sexual relations with promises for improved positions in the company. There are also descriptions of male managers dispatching “scouting” parties to company stores to search for female employees who could be potential sexual partners.

For their part, representatives for Sterlings dispute the allegations.

How this specific matter is resolved remains to be seen. But it stands as an unfortunate reminder that sexual harassment continues to be an issue in the workplace. If your work life has become disrupted due to being sexually harassed, first notify your HR department about the situation. Hopefully, your employer will do the right thing and settle the matter in a satisfactory manner.

However, if you are unable to get an appropriate resolution, you may want to discuss the issue with an experienced employee rights attorney.

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