What are some examples of age discrimination?

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The workforce of today is completely different than what it consisted of years ago. While some people still choose to retire at a relatively early age, others are forced to work until they are much older. A number of Americans are unable to or have been unsuccessful at putting savings away in a retirement account, and with rising costs and living expenses, are forced to stay in the workforce in order to make ends meet. 

Although older workers possess a certain experience, wisdom and knowledge that they can bring to the table and improve many work situations, age discrimination happens across many U.S. industries. Age discrimination occurs when these older workers are treated differently based on their age. This discrimination is not limited to older workers, but younger workers can also be victims of age discrimination. Examples of age discrimination may include the following:

  • Not providing certain work training to older or younger workers because it is viewed as a waste of time

  • Not choosing someone for the interview process because they are either too young or too old

  • Choosing people to fill a work team, but choosing only those who are young, fresh and dynamic

  • Overlooking younger workers as employees because it is thought that they are going to move on to another job and not take this job seriously

  • Forcing someone to accept a retirement package because they reach a certain age

Although you may be young and starting out in the workforce or you have been working for decades and you are entering your senior years, you are still entitled to certain rights under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.




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