The mental toll of age discrimination during a midlife crisis

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Some people have difficulty coming to terms with their age and the reality that are getting older. Many people struggle with a midlife crisis at some point, which can impact various facets of one’s life, but this is often an especially challenging issue for people who experience age discrimination at the same time.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, it is illegal for those over the age of 40 to experience discrimination based on age. For middle-aged workers, this is often an especially devastating issue. In fact, age discrimination can actually trigger a midlife crisis, in some instances. Moreover, age discrimination can result in a wide range of financial problems for victims.

Reviewing emotional hardships due to age discrimination

When people are discriminated against as a result of their age, some are more likely to become depressed. Other hardships also come up for many victims, such as anxiety and even anger, in some instances. For example, if you lost your job solely because of your age, you are likely worried about financial matters and your future career options. Moreover, some people struggle with a lack of self-worth and do not have very much confidence to look for another position.

Reviewing other consequences of age discrimination

Aside from emotional challenges, many other problems often affect those who are discriminated against. For example, some people decide to abandon their career dreams and some people struggle with negative lifestyle changes (such as a lack of exercise and excessive drinking) because of their circumstances. It is crucial to stay focused and hold those responsible for age discrimination accountable.


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