Tips to help Generation X workers sidestep ageism issues

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Although you feel that you are at the top of your game in your Indiana office, the atmosphere may not feel as welcoming as it did five years ago. If you are a member of Generation X and promotions or special projects pass you by, it could indicate ageism in the workplace.

According to Purdue University, this is the first time five generations are active in the American workplace simultaneously. Nearly 60% of the workforce has legal protections from ageism. However, keeping your job or getting a new one may require that you make some changes to the way you approach work and your career.

Technological savvy

Computers took the place of typewriters. Interoffice memos arrive via email instead of envelopes, and teams collaborate online instead of face-to-face. Change is often difficult. You may not like some of the changes technology brings, but you do need to get on board with them. Not only does it help you communicate faster, but it also shows the executive team and HR that you are flexible and a team player.

Reinvention of you

Have you ever thought about making a change and taking your career in a new direction? If you are among the millions who went from gainfully employed to furloughed and then laid off, this may be a perfect time. You likely have less experience in this new career path. A potential employer may focus more on reliability, honesty and timeliness than your age or wage requirements.

Flexibility is essential for staying relevant in today’s changing work atmosphere. Interacting with diverse coworkers and participating in the changes around you can help the organization you work with see you as a valuable team member. If you experience discrimination due to age, understanding your options can help you move forward and act for the best possible outcome.


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