How do you file a sex discrimination claim?

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State and federal laws prohibit employers from discriminating against workers based on sex. Unfortunately, they do not always stop this violation from happening.

If you believe you have experienced sex discrimination, you may consider filing a formal complaint.

Completing the necessary forms

According to the Indianapolis Office of Corporation Counsel, to initiate a sex discrimination claim, you will need only to complete the pre-interview questionnaire and complaint intake agreement. You will submit the completed forms to the state’s Office of Equal Opportunity to further pursue the matter.

Meeting with an analyst

After submitting the necessary forms, you will meet with an analyst. The analyst will gather relevant information relating to your claim, including details regarding the alleged discriminatory act. For example, this may include the analyst interviewing you, your employer or any witnesses to the alleged discrimination.

Investigating the claim

Once the analyst gathers the pertinent evidence, your claim will move on to the investigation phase. At this point, an investigator will perform an impartial review of your complaint. To this end, he or she typically reviews any supporting documentation, which may include witness statements.

Issuing a finding

Finally, an investigation panel will go over the details of your complaint, including your initial forms and the evidence gathered by the analyst and through the investigation. After careful review, the panel will make a finding of reasonable cause or no reasonable cause.

Should the panel rule in your favor, the Office of Equal Opportunity will aid you in stopping the discrimination. Beyond this, you may also consider your options for pursuing remedies, including hiring or reinstatement, for the violation of your employment rights.


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