Do LGBTQ workers still face discrimination?

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In many ways, society has taken huge strides forward. However, research shows that workplace discrimination still systematically impacts many LGBTQ-identifying employees.

This discrimination paints an unpleasant picture of the underlying reality that many of these workers have to face on a daily basis.

LGBTQ workers and discrimination

NBC News discusses a report finding that half of LGBTQ workers face discrimination. 9 percent of workers questioned stated that they lost out on jobs or lost their jobs due to discrimination against their sexual orientation or gender identity within the last year.

Over a quarter of the workers questioned also stated that they suffered from sexual harassment at some point in the course of their career or work life. Finally, 20 percent of the workers queried stated that they suffered from physical violence due to their gender identity or sexual orientation.

The intersection of race and LGBTQ

Unfortunately, these issues seem more prevalent in the case of LGBTQ members who are also people of color. 30 percent of these workers experienced job loss or related issues compared to 18 percent of white workers. 36 percent also experienced verbal harassment, compared to 26 percent of white workers.

When an employer has at least 15 employees beneath him or her, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects workers from virtually any form of workplace discrimination or harassment. Thus, if a worker in such an environment faces unjust treatment, they can take steps to ensure that they get the protection and even compensation they deserve.


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