Does your industry impact age discrimination?

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Ageism still keeps many workplaces in its grip, and as the working population continues to grow older, it will likely continue to rear its head.

However, ageism does not necessarily impact every workplace the same way. Some industries are actually much more prone to ageism than others.

Forbes discusses the impact of ageism on workers. Many workers dedicate large chunks of their life to one job or company, only to lose out on promotions or even get fired once they cross the threshold of a certain age.

Many jobs are fine with hiring or keeping on workers aged 40 and over. However, some industries outright refuse to hire older workers or keep them on.

Banking and accounting

Banking and accounting accounts for one of these industries. Even people under 40 can end up discriminated against in these environments due to the long-standing belief that only young workers can crunch numbers quickly and tackle long hours.

These industries also refuse to utilize older workers in advertisements and local news due to the desire to maintain a youthful and connected image.

Manual labor

Workers who hit 40 tend to show cumulative signs of aging, which makes employers treat them like they are “aging out” of their work. Due to the intense physical demands of these jobs, many people are not comfortable hiring or keeping on older employees.

Technology industries

Due to the perception that workers 35 and older have families to worry about, many employers state that they go for younger workers because they will have more time to dedicate to their jobs.

Of course, any of these reasons still do not make age discrimination less illegal. Anyone facing such discrimination can work toward gaining fair compensation.


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