Can your employer deny you a promotion based on your age?

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Age discrimination is a problematic issue in today’s workforce. The presence of discrimination, whether based on age or other factors, raises questions about fairness and equal opportunity.

If you believe that your employer passed you over for a promotion due to your age, you might wonder if there is anything you can do to defend your rights.

What the law says about age discrimination

Age discrimination occurs when an employee or job applicant receives unfair treatment due to their age. The United States has laws to protect workers from such discrimination. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act in the U.S. prohibits discrimination against employees and job seekers aged 40 or older.

Ethical considerations during the promotion process

From an ethical standpoint, denying a promotion solely based on age is unfair and unjust. Employers should evaluate an individual’s worth based on their abilities, accomplishments and potential. Creating a work environment that places value on employees for their skills rather than their age can lead to a more productive atmosphere.

Challenges and stereotypes

Age discrimination can stem from stereotypes that link older or younger individuals to certain characteristics. Employers might perceive older workers as not being tech-savvy or being resistant to change. They might also see younger workers as lacking experience. These stereotypes can cloud judgment and hinder deserving employees from advancing in their careers.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reports that 324 age discrimination cases came out of Indiana in the fiscal year 2021. While discrimination based on age might not be the first type of workplace inequality that comes to mind, it is certainly a common problem that affects many hardworking employees both young and old.


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