Ways employers can respect transgender workers

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Respecting and honoring gender identity is part of promoting inclusivity and diversity in the workplace. Transgender employees deserve the same dignity and respect as every other corporate representative.

Bosses can create inclusive environments by pursuing an array of concrete actions.

Using correct pronouns

One of the most basic ways of honoring gender-nonconforming people is using preferred pronouns. This verbal display both acknowledges and validates gender identity. Entrepreneurs should educate themselves and their staff on the importance of using desired pronouns and names.

Providing gender-neutral restrooms

Access to gender-neutral restrooms is a welcome accommodation for employees who do not identify strictly as male or female. Buildings should feature facilities that are comfortable for everyone.

Respecting privacy and confidentiality

All workers deserve to be in control of sharing their gender identities. Management must keep related information confidential and only share it with people whose need to know is legitimate, such as human resources personnel.

Accommodating dress codes

Dress codes are to be flexible enough to allow for various gender expressions. Enlightened offices permit employees to wear attire that aligns with their identities and do not impose rigid or gender-specific clothing requirements.

Promoting inclusivity in hiring

Businesspeople support inclusivity when their hiring processes are free from bias and discrimination. This means evaluating candidates based solely on their skills and qualifications. The good news is that most people favor policies that protect transgender individuals from hiring and other forms of discrimination. A poll from the Pew Research Center finds that 64% of the public endorses such laws, so the odds are high that most employers feel similarly.

Corporate heads are responsible for the environments they make. Only they can build workspaces that are respectful for everyone.


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