Building a strong case for age discrimination

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Age discrimination can hinder your ability to work, and it can also take a serious toll on your mental health. If you are facing unfair treatment in the workplace because of your age, you have the right to address the issue and seek a resolution.

Knowing how to make a strong case for age discrimination may prove useful if you decide to come forward about your experience.

Gather evidence

The first step in building a case for age discrimination is to gather evidence that supports your claim. Collect documents, emails, memos or any other written communication that demonstrates discriminatory actions or statements. Also, keep records of incidents, dates, times and names of individuals involved.

Identify witnesses

If there were witnesses to any of the discriminatory actions or conversations that took place, approach them and ask if they are willing to provide statements or testify on your behalf. Witness testimonies can carry considerable weight.

Document the discrimination

Keep a detailed record of all instances of age discrimination. Note any conversations, actions or decisions that you believe were the result of age bias. Describe the context and name any potential witnesses present.

Explore internal remedies

Many employers have internal policies and procedures for addressing workplace discrimination. Report your concerns to your human resources department or supervisor and allow them an opportunity to investigate and rectify the situation.

Per CNBC, about 78% of older workers report having experienced age discrimination at some point during their careers. By coming forward, those who experience age discrimination may be able to do more than just help themselves – they may also be able to help prevent age discrimination from affecting other workers in the future.


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