Signs of disability discrimination in the workplace

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There are times when individuals with disabilities experience unfair treatment in the workplace.

Therefore, these individuals should understand common signs of disability discrimination.

Unequal treatment

After the ADA became law, those with disabilities exited the workforce at a 33% rate. In addition, within five years, 10% stated they experienced discrimination. One clear sign of disability discrimination is different treatment among those with disabilities and their peers. Individuals with disabilities may not obtain promotions or advancement opportunities. They may also receive fewer desirable assignments.

Lack of accommodations

Employers have a legal obligation to provide reasonable accommodations. This includes specialized equipment or modified work schedules. They need to ensure that those with disabilities can perform their job duties effectively.

Harassment, bullying or stereotyping

Disability discrimination can also take the form of harassment or bullying. This may include offensive remarks, jokes or derogatory comments about their disability. Disability discrimination may also involve stereotyping individuals based on their disabilities.

Inaccessible facilities

Physical barriers can be forms of inaccessibility. This includes a lack of ramps or elevators for wheelchairs. Employees with visual or hearing challenges should have access to digital platforms or materials.

Retaliation for requesting accommodations

Employees should feel free to request accommodations for their disabilities. They should not face retaliation or negative consequences. Demotions, pay cuts or increased scrutiny or disciplinary action are forms of retaliation.

Disparate impact

Seemingly neutral policies or practices may disproportionately affect employees with disabilities. For example, employers should not require that all employees work certain hours or attend mandatory events. This is especially true if it could disadvantage those with certain disabilities.

Employees who recognize disability discrimination in the workplace should inform employers. These employers can then create an inclusive and equitable environment for all employees.


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