Indiana police officer in retaliation case

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If you suspect your employer is engaging in wrongful conduct, you have the right to stand up to them and report them. Unfortunately, many workers are afraid to do this as they fear retaliation from their employer. However, retaliation itself is wrongful conduct and should not be tolerated.

In South Bend, Indiana allegations have arisen that a police officer who complained about his chief was subjected to retaliatory conduct. He was one of a group of officers who submitted complaints regarding the chief. Their concerns included alleged employment discrimination and discrimination over race by the chief. According to the officers, the alleged retaliation occurred after these complaints were made.

Allegedly, the chief pursued a disciplinary action against the above-mentioned officer. However, this was apparently for an event that had happened some 164 days previously. Any such investigation should have been carried through to completion long before–the beginning of February at the latest, according to the duty manual. The officers claim the police chief’s actions were retaliatory. They have submitted an additional complaint to that effect, and are hoping the Mayor’s office will take action in light of these events.

If you have been fired or have been subjected to a negative employment action (such as a disciplinary action) and suspect that it was retaliatory, contacting an employment law attorney may prove helpful. He or she may be able to assist you in compiling evidence on the incident, determining what exactly happened and pursuing compensation if there was a wrongful retaliation.

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