Do not be afraid to report OSHA violations

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If you are employed in Indiana, you may already be aware that you are working in an employment-at-will state. The worrying thing about this is that it means that your employer might choose to fire you at any time for almost any reason. However, if you are a good worker and fulfill the requirements of your job, hopefully this will not happen. Unfortunately, many employees discover that their diligence and hard work is not enough to maintain their job security.

The problem often arises if there is an issue at work that the employee needs to report. This could be a matter such as harassment or discrimination. It could be a concern about an instruction that would require the employee to violate the law. It could even be a report of a safety hazard within the workplace. Sadly, some employers do not take kindly to such reports and fire the employee as a result.

Fortunately, if this happens to you, there is a chance that you can claim compensation and perhaps even have your position reinstated. Retaliatory discharge should never be tolerated and, furthermore, you should not feel discouraged from reporting safety hazards for fear of losing your job. As this article on retaliation explains, employers are prohibited from dismissing an employee for voicing safety concerns to OSHA or their employer.

If you feel that your rights have been violated, you may find the support of an attorney reassuring. He or she can explain what you should be able to expect from your employer and may be able to assist you with challenging the responsible parties for the unfair treatment to which they have subjected you.


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