Your employer and retaliatory discharge

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Many people depend on their job as a secure source of income. The money they make is often used to care for themselves and their family. With so much depending on this job, people do what they can to perform well and be considered a good employee. Unfortunately, even though an employee may perform well and follow the rules, this hasn’t stopped employers from wrongfully terminating them.

There is a common law employment-at-will doctrine that is followed in the state of Indiana. The law allows employers to terminate employees at anytime without a reason or for any reason. To some this may seem unfair because they feel as though they deserve an explanation, but the employer does not necessarily need to have a real reason for firing their employees. Even though your employer has the right to fire you, there are certain circumstances under which your termination is considered retaliatory discharge.

An example of this is if your employer asked you to perform illegal acts and you refused, so they retaliate by firing you. They can also not fire you for reporting any illegal acts that are committed by them. If you are fired or treated in an unfair way, this is considered employer retaliation, and if you can prove this, you may receive compensation for the troubles caused by your employer.

If you feel as though you were wrongfully terminated, an Indianapolis employment rights attorney may be able to assist you. It is not right for your employer to retaliate against you and if this happens you deserve to resolve this issue and continue working to provide for yourself and your family.


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