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March 2017 Archives

Are you protected as a whistleblower?

"Will I still have a job after reporting this incident?" It's a question that might plague Indiana workers just like you who have witnessed or been a part of unethical or dangerous business practices before and want to blow the whistle. While hesitation is understandable, there are fortunately systems in place that you can seek refuge in that will offer protection from retaliation.

Jewelry company subject of serious sexual harassment allegations

As a woman in the workplace, you know that you have to perform at a high level at your job every day. Despite so many advances in our society, women can still be subjected to unfair treatment while on the job. But there is a line that should not be crossed; women should never be subjected to sexual harassment. And if a woman is sexually harassed, she has the right to hold the assailant and even the company she works for accountable.

What qualifies as pregnancy discrimination?

Many Indiana women maintain their current jobs when they are pregnant or have recently delivered a baby. While new or expectant mothers are often given respect from their employers and coworkers, there are also situations in which you may be discriminated against and mistreated. The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has detailed the situations that qualify as pregnancy discrimination.

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