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May 2017 Archives

Men can be victims of sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is generally believed to occur when men request sexual favors, give unwanted advances, make unwelcome verbal comments or perform other acts of physical misconduct against female co-workers or employees. Yet what many people don’t realize is that men can also be victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. As women continue to move into positions of power in major corporations and business across the county, they are more likely to view their male subordinates or workers as fair game. In some situations, women do not believe they will be penalized for their actions, as many would not believe they were actually responsible for committing such a crime.

How to know if you are being sexually harassed

Many sexual harassment incidents that happen in workplaces across Indianapolis go unreported. Victims often do not say anything because they fear retaliation from their offenders and bosses. Some individuals ignore it because they assume that it is a common occurrence everywhere. Sexual discrimination is not only against the law, but it is also offensive and can turn your job environment from a pleasant one into a hostile one.

The basics of religious discrimination

Sometimes it can be difficult to know whether the treatment you are receiving at work in Indiana qualifies as religious discrimination or not. We at John H Haskin and Associates work hard to not only defend your rights, but make sure you are aware of the signs of discrimination so you recognize when it is happening.

Are you worried about negotiating your employment contract?

Whether you are just breaking into Indiana’s professional field or are a seasoned veteran in high-level management, you want an employment contract that benefits you. The process of developing that contract, however, can be highly stressful, particularly if it creates tension between you and your new employer. Here are a few tips to make sure that you and your employer both walk away from the table satisfied.

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