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June 2017 Archives

Understanding what behaviors constitute workplace harassment

While you may excel at performing assigned job tasks, working with people you do not get along with can make things challenging. Understanding the types of behavior that qualify as workplace harassment can help you protect your personal safety and the reputation of your career in Indiana. At John H. Haskin & Associates LLC, we are familiar with what is and is not appropriate in a workplace setting.

3 ways employers avoid paying overtime

Overtime can be lucrative for employees who are willing to put in the extra hours, but some employees are surprised when they find they are not compensated for their additional work. There are some circumstances in which overtime laws are not applicable, but in most cases, if you work more than 40 hours in a given week, your employer must adjust your compensation rate accordingly. These are three ways companies commonly try to avoid it.

3 misconceptions about national origin discrimination

Workplace harassment, unfortunately, takes many forms. You may face discrimination because of your age, race, beliefs or the country you are from. The latter of these — national origin — is, in fact, a common motivation for discriminatory actions in the workplace. If your colleagues or employers mock your nationality or assumed nationality, you are dealing with an unacceptable problem.

3 job candidates who may face age discrimination

Finding a good job is a challenge for many people nowadays. Full-time positions with benefits have been outsourced in some cases, and it seems that employers have increasingly relied on the willingness of young, less experienced job seekers to fill positions and accept low wages. This has led to age discrimination, and there are some kinds of candidates who might be most likely to experience this.

Are your employer’s actions unfair or unlawful?

If you have been fired from a job in Indiana, you may wonder whether the actions taken against you were unlawful or simply unfair. It can be difficult to understand the difference between the two, but doing so can help you determine whether you have been a victim of wrongful termination or merely had an unkind boss.

Indiana law on age discrimination

Discrimination in the workplace does not only happen if you are of a different race or religion. It can also happen if you are in your later years of life. This is called age discrimination.

Understanding mental disability discrimination in the workplace

The Americans with Disabilities Act is not only for those with physical impairments. The law extends also to those who have mental disabilities. In Indiana, this means that companies with at least 15 employees cannot discriminate against you based on certain mental conditions.

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