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Ex-shelter workers says concerns led to her wrongful termination

People who have a love for animals will sometimes gravitate toward working in shelters to care for their four-legged friends. However, when there are disagreements over how an establishment should be run, problems can arise that workers in Indiana and elsewhere may not expect. A power struggle over an animal shelter allegedly caused a 19-year veteran clerical worker to lose her job. The woman claims the reason for her wrongful termination was because she helped the New Jersey SPCA file criminal charges against the former director. The ex-director was arrested for animal cruelty, and a superior court ordered that the shelter was to be controlled by a state group for six months.

AT&T accused of violating Fair Labor Standards Act by workers

Telecommunications leader AT&T is being accused of wage-and-hour violations by some of its employees. People in Indiana and across the country may be dismayed to hear how the company is allegedly treating its workers. Employees for the company in another state have filed a class-action lawsuit against the giant, alleging that they were not given overtime pay. The affected employees also believe that they were improperly classified, making them ineligible to receive overtime, and the company did not abide by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Workplace disability discrimination is grounds for legal claim

A disability can understandably be difficult to cope with both emotionally and physically. Unfortunately, some people with disabilities in Indiana face workplace discrimination, which is like adding salt to the wound. People who face workplace disability discrimination, fortunately, have the right to seek justice through the legal system.

Woman files wrongful termination suit against hospital

Sometimes when people in Indiana try to do the right thing by speaking up about a wrong being committed at their workplace, their actions may backfire on them. For example, these individuals can end up being punished or even terminated. One former hospital employee recently faced this type of scenario in a recent out-of-state case and has thus filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against her employer.

Woman claims sexual harassment by mayor

Sexual harassment can cause an individual to feel taken advantage of in the workplace, but he or she has the right to take legal action against the harasser. In a recent outside the state of Indiana, a woman who previously worked for a water replenishment district decided to sue a city mayor for sexual harassment. She claimed that the male mayor harassed her while they were on a business trip together.

Lawsuit involving sexual harassment in the workplace settled

Being a victim of sexual harassment in Indiana can be demeaning for a worker. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for supervisors to abuse their power by sexually harassing their subordinates. Three women in one out-of-state case claimed that they experienced sexual harassment in the workplace at a Red Lobster restaurant and thus filed a lawsuit, which was recently settled for $160,000.

Red Lobster settles EEOC action

Red Lobster has restaurants across the United States, including Indiana and the Indianapolis area, so readers may be interested in the outcome of a recent suit brought against the company by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The company, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, was charged for activities that were alleged to have happened at a restaurant in Salisbury, Maryland.

Appeals court upholds verdict in sexual harassment case

Indiana employees may be interested to learn that on April 25, it was reported that a federal appeals court upheld a $1.5 million verdict against a company for sexual harassment and retaliation. The situation reported occurred at a Memphis warehouse. According to the lawsuit, the company, New Breed Logistics, a supervisor sexually harassed three female workers. The supervisor in question reportedly retaliated against both the female employees and a male employee who was supporting the women in their complaints.

Why some employees don't report sexual harassment

Many people in Indiana and around the country who are experiencing workplace sexual harassment choose not to file a lawsuit against their employer. According to the vice president for education and employment at the National Women's Law Center, the majority of sexual harassment cases do not end up being reported. The problem of workplace sexual harassment reportedly affects 25 percent of female workers in the United States.

Understanding how the ADA protects those with hearing impairments

Indiana employees with a hearing impairment may be interested in how this is covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act. If the disability qualifies, the person will be protected from employment discrimination based on their hearing impairment.

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