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Posts tagged "Workplace Discrimination"

Is there a way to avoid discrimination due to age?

It can be very difficult to prove you have been discriminated against  by a company in Indiana during the hiring process. This is especially true if you feel the discrimination was age-based. One of the loopholes when it comes to discrimination is that it can be difficult to prove. So, can you combat such discrimination and help increase your chances of landing a job?

How should an employer respond to discrimination?

Discrimination in the workplace should never be tolerated. There are many laws in place to help Indiana employers, but even if you do follow the law, you may still be vulnerable to discrimination claims. This is why you should take extra steps to create a welcoming and friendly workplace environment.

The basics of religious discrimination

Sometimes it can be difficult to know whether the treatment you are receiving at work in Indiana qualifies as religious discrimination or not. We at John H Haskin and Associates work hard to not only defend your rights, but make sure you are aware of the signs of discrimination so you recognize when it is happening.

What qualifies as pregnancy discrimination?

Many Indiana women maintain their current jobs when they are pregnant or have recently delivered a baby. While new or expectant mothers are often given respect from their employers and coworkers, there are also situations in which you may be discriminated against and mistreated. The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has detailed the situations that qualify as pregnancy discrimination.

Man files gender discrimination suit against grocery store

When workplace gender discrimination affects the conditions and terms of a person's employment in Indiana, it is unlawful. One man in another state recently claimed that the grocery store for which he worked engaged in gender discrimination against him. He has since filed a lawsuit against the company.

Race discrimination suit against university settled

When people in Indiana experience race discrimination in the workplace, it can take a toll on their self-worth and hamper their ability to excel in their careers. One woman in another state claimed that she was a victim of race discrimination. She filed a lawsuit against the university for which she worked, and that lawsuit was recently settled.

Woman files race discrimination complaint

Racially discriminating against employees in Indiana is a federal violation for which an employer may be held legally accountable. One woman in another state recently claimed that employees at the company for which she worked, Fiat Chrysler Automobile, engaged in race discrimination against her. She has thus filed a lawsuit against the company.

Research shows that age discrimination is prevalent

Research shows that age discrimination is prevalent in the United States, including in Indiana. Age discrimination is a real problem even though there are laws in place prohibiting it. Research also shows that the older a person is, the more discrimination he or she will likely face, and older women are especially targeted.

Woman sues employer, alleging age and race discrimination

It is unlawful for companies in Indiana to discriminate against certain workers on the basis of protected factors such as race or age. This, however, allegedly occurred in a recent out-of-state case. In this case, a radio reporter has sued her station's parent company, claiming she was the victim of age and race discrimination.

Gender discrimination suit filed against Microsoft

Sometimes businesses around the United States, including in Indiana, treat certain employees differently on the basis of gender. One woman in a recent out-of-state case said her former employer, Microsoft, engaged in gender discrimination while she was working at the company. She has since filed a gender discrimination class action suit against the business.

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