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Posts tagged "unpaid-wage claim"

Employment laws concerning jury duty

Employees in Indiana who are called to serve on a jury are often worried about how the service will affect their jobs. Although serving on a jury could potentially result in days or weeks away from work, employers are not allowed to retaliate against their employees for serving on a jury. An employer may not lay off an employee, take away the employee's health insurance or penalize the employee for jury duty in any other way.

When an employer can make deductions from a paycheck

Workers in Indiana may want to find out when an employer is legally permitted to make deductions from a paycheck. There are some circumstances when an employer can make a deduction, but the employer must let the employee know about the deduction ahead of time. An agreement about the deduction must also be made in writing, and the agreement must be signed by both he employee and the employer.

LinkedIn agrees to pay $5.86 million to underpaid workers

Indiana residents may be familiar with the professional networking services offered by LinkedIn. The California based company was founded in 2002, and it has gone on to become the online leader in this area. However, workers in several states claimed that they were owed wages and overtime pay by the social-networking company, and a subsequent investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor determined that LinkedIn had violated the Fair Labor Standards Act.

House Bill threatens unpaid wage claims in Indiana

Wage theft is a horrifying prospect for any hard-working employee. For some people, every penny counts, and not being paid the money they are owed can have devastating effects on their lives and well-being. Fortunately, residents of Indiana have the benefit of powerful legislation surrounding wage claims. In the event that they are not paid on time, or paid less than they should be, individuals are able to claim as much as three times the amount owed in addition to reasonable attorney's fees.

Lady Gaga dances around claim of omitting overtime, settles suit

Indiana fans of pop recording star Lady Gaga may have heard that the singer and her touring company have recently settled a claim alleging unpaid wages that had been brought by her former personal assistant. The woman's claim that the defendants were omitting overtime wages in the amount of $379,000 alleged that the singer and Mermaid Touring paid her $75,000 in 2010, but that the amount did not include thousands of overtime hours the assistant claimed she worked from 2009 to 2011.

Unpaid wages lead to lawsuit against hospital chain

While visitors to our blog have read about cases in which employees have had to sue their employers for unpaid wages, people the nation over are seeing this scenario played out right now in California. According to recent reports, the Bellflower Medical Center hospital chain is responsible for not paying the salaries of several hospital staff workers over the past year and is now facing litigation from two state departments to the tune of $107 million.

Even lawyers need lawyers sometimes

Most people in Indiana think that if anyone has a grasp on employment law, it's the lawyers who work in that practice area every day that do. But when it comes to contract disputes and other employment conflicts, even these workers aren't immune to the troubles of litigation.

Weight Watchers employees raise concerns about unfair labor practices

As the cost of living continues to rise across the nation, many people-including those here in Indiana-are finding it harder and harder to support themselves. Because despite the fact that companies are finally starting to rebound after the recession, wages continue to flounder.

Contractor sues landscaper for breach of contract

Businesses in Indiana that frequently contract work to other businesses know that every signed agreement takes a certain leap of faith. Business owners know that for the most part, the company that they are doing business with will pay them for services rendered. But it's when we hear about the times when a company has broken the terms of a contract that we're thankful to have legal experts ready to help when needed.

Indiana hotel workers win settlement in unpaid-wage suit

It's been almost a year since the 16 hotel workers in Indianapolis filed a class action against the city's hotels and the hotel staffing company, Hospitality Staffing Solutions, for failing to pay them for time worked. It's been a long time coming, but they were finally awarded good news this month when their employer agreed to a settlement deal.

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